Design and construction of swimming pools

The Parma-based company ECOTEK srl, has more than 30 years of experience in the design and construction of swimming pools. Thanks to this professional competence, as well as the collaboration with Cillichemie Italiana, an leader in swimming pool products and systems, ECOTEX srl can offer swimming pools to meet any requirements with the use of cutting-edge dynamics from a technological viewpoint, which are both aesthetically pleasing and practical (everything meets the specific regulations set out in regards to swimming pools for recreational/competitive use).

Thanks to the treatment of the water, you are guaranteed a healthy environment for swimming, and every physical-chemical aspect of the water is strictly monitored and controlled. The Parma-based company is directly involved in all stages of the creation of the swimming pool: from the architectural study to the final project, the design of the water treatment system to its commissioning and installation. ECOTEK srl carries out all checks, as well as any regular and unforeseen maintenance of swimming pools.  

Our pools

  • Swimming pool for recreational/competitive use

  • Residential infinity pool for tourist accommodations

  • Private pool

  • Public indoor swimming pool


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