Chemicals for water purification

Chemicals for water purification
Anti-legionella products, products for heating, antifouling and swimming pools.

ECOTEK Water Treatment provides: 

Anti-legionella products: products for disinfection and sanitisation of water distribution circuits for human consumption, and of containers and contaminated surfaces.

Products for the heating circuits: products for water softeners, separators of foreign bodies, interior restorative products for various water circuits - heating, cooling and demineralization circuits. 

Products for swimming pool disinfection: always keep the pools perfectly disinfected, thanks to products such as chlorine, chlorine stabilizer, anti-algae...

Products for descaling: effective products to keep your pool free from limestone.

Dosing of conditioning products and disinfectants

We provide the required information on the dosage of the following water treatments: 

  • Cillit®-Skid Dosamat Simplex for the dispensing of anti-legionella disinfectants
  • Cillit®-Skid Dosamat Duplex for the simultaneous dispensing of both conditioning and healing antifouling and anticorrosion products, and disinfectants.

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Legionella from a legal standing

Regulations on legionella bacteria oblige employers to evaluate all the risks that may be caused by legionella, so you need to take all preventive measures possible (among the very best solutions are a range of effective technologies developed by CILLIT).

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Anti-lime scale salt for purifiers

Cillichemie dispenser - Cillit-55 MH-UNIVERSAL

This specific anti-lime scale salt for purifiers is effective with encrusting waters. ECOTEK offers refills for Cillit Immuno and Cillit Duna Dos dispensers of natural mineral salts with food characteristics.

This type of product means that one can prevent the creation of limestone formations and corrosion within the treatment systems. It also enables a process of recovery within the circuits of systems working with the production and distribution of hot water that have already begun to experience signs of corrosion, in the case of services, processed water, drinking water, water for technological use, cooling circuits with water lost to partial or full recycling.

Idrosal for water softening

ECOTEK offers salt tablets for water softening (ultra-pure recrystallized mineral salt) - Product also offered in 25kg bags. The shape of the tablets (which are cylindrical and convex at the top) ensures a perfect dissolution, providing maximum effectiveness.

To produce Idrosal for water softening, salted water is sucked from the underground, from a depth of about 400 meters; this salt water is decanted from insoluble matter and then passed through the crystallizers for the evaporation process. The salt is subsequently sieved in order to eliminate the presence of any lumps, and finally inserted in suitable tabletting machines, which finally create the tablets in their form. 

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