ECOTEK Water Treatment

ECOTEK srl, a company in Parma which operates mainly, but not solely, in Emilia Romagna, has more than 30 years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of primary water treatment systems - water purification systems for the civil and industrial sectors. The Emilia Romagna-based company works with professional and effective solutions that can streamline water treatment processes. All processes, such as components and solutions, always ensure compliance with current regulations. Typically, the services provided by ECOTEK Water Treatment involve:

  • feasibility study (and subsequent budgeting)

  • detailed engineering

  • contract development

  • coordination of purchases with technical and commercial supervision in regards to the equipment and machinery

  • construction, commissioning and maintenance of water treatment systems

The systems and equipment provided are always chosen from the best solutions the industry offers, proposed on the basis of strict quality and safety standards.

Solutions for water treatment systems

water treatment systems
ECOTEK srl manufactures various types of water treatment systems:

• Primary water treatment systems
• Water purification systems
• Demineralisation systems
• Reverse osmosis systems
• Small and large filtration systems
• Activated carbon filtration systems
• Water treatment systems for swimming pools
• Compact or containerised water purification systems
• Consultation in the field of water treatment, plant engineering, energy
• Disinfection systems using Ozone dosing, Chlorine, UV rays etc.
• Water softening ion exchange systems for the domestic, civil and industrial sectors
• Installations for the disposal of elements and compounds (such as iron, ammonia, manganese, gas, nitrates, etc.)
• Intervention management with ‘turnkey’ solutions.

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