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Idrodomestici Parma
Softened water, free from limestone, does not create lime scale. This means that it doesn’t damage the boiler, the water distribution systems and production of hot water, washing machines or dishwashers (softened water also allows you to use less fuel and less detergents...).

Softened water is also perfect for personal hygiene. Moreover, since it is clear and without residue, it doesn’t have any strange odour or flavour. Many people prefer it. 

ECOTEK offers a new generation of available softeners, such as Cillit® Neckar Cyber. It allows you to consume more than 50% less than regeneration and it has also been calculated that it enables an estimated saving of approximately €800 a year for a family of three.

Cillit® softeners

Water Dispenser - drinking water treatment

Water Dispenser - drinking water treatment
Water Dispenser is an apparatus for home use which provides filtered drinking water, without taste, odour or unsightly colourisation.

It offers perfect drinking water, also suitable for use in cooking, to be chilled or carbonated.

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DomoSoft softeners

Water Dispenser

Water purifiers – ideal for apartment buildings, businesses and hotels

apartment buildings, businesses and hotels
ECOTEK engineers specialize in the design of water purifying systems in the context of apartment buildings, businesses and hotels. They carry out installations for softening, disinfection (e.g.: against legionella bacteria), iron removal, chlorination, grit removal, flocculation, microfiltration and water clarification. The purified water allows a reduction in operating costs (especially in the case of businesses), thanks in particular to technological and patented systems solutions.

Thanks to a new generation of softeners - and in particular thanks to the fact that they are equipped with volume and statistic proportional regeneration qualities - you can consume about 50% less regeneration and about 35% less regeneration of water. These softeners are a cost-effective and economic solution, they are ideal for apartment buildings, businesses and hotels, residences, offices, shopping malls...

Cillit®-BA Pilot Cyber® softener

Cillit® NECKAR NT softener

Cillit® Super Crono softener

Softeners: Cillit® BA Pilot Cyber® - Cillit® Neckar NT

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